terça-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2010

 Fiz um texto em portugues mas depois vou tentar musicar em inglês


Last night I stopped to think about you,                                                                
to see if I had a good dream,
but that dream came a nightmare and
this nightmare I had to go away and leave you .....
But the indecision takes care of me
and the sadness and happiness blend .....
What I know will not pass with time,
and the more time passes the more I like you.
really can not say no to my heart,
But do not want to lose.
I try to express with words
but the more I write,
I see that it is not enough, and together with the failure,
The fear increases.
The fear of not kiss your mouth,
The fear of not being able to look in their eyes.
As I wanted to believe in things, the sayings, teachings
and especially in myself,
and make sure that I would make you happy.
Insecurity is not the right word to say what I feel.
No hope here I am.
How I wish I could say that I love without any guilt,
without fault may have been a mistake or even fool you,
without guilt of having left a future in the past.
Do not forget me

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